Twenty something…

*B E  S T I L L.

……The words God has been speaking deep to my soul lately but they have been hard to grasp. It’s because we don’t want to be still. We are young and our brains are everywhere, thinking about this thing and that thing, that we stress ourselves out more than often. The stillness of God is divine and something we crave, it’s just hard to cling to. Your life is probably stressful as you read this, as is mine. Maybe you’re twenty something and looking for direction. Maybe you think the world dealt you the worst deck of cards possible and you’re asking God why.

Is it fair? Where do you fit in? How’s it all going to work out?

Your perspective needs a change and your soul needs a new song. See, like you, as I’ve been freaking out for a month straight I’m realizing more and more how stormy this life can be, but how calming the hand of God can be. My soul doesn’t have to scream in my storm. I can be still. And hey, I can be twenty something and not have my life all planned out. Hear that, young person? You’re doing fine. Trust the hand of your good good Father. Stress comes and goes, but it’s the eyes of our soul that must stay set on God. He wants to speak something deeply to you, to breath on your life, to push you in faith and renew you as you go through these moments. He’s never failed and He’s not about to start now. Speak that over your life and in your private time.

The most important sermons you ever hear won’t be on a screen, it’s the ones you speak to yourself.

Repeat that and believe that, “He is faithful, he is faithful.” Maybe you don’t know how you’ll make money, if a girl or boy will ever like you for you, or even if you’ll get some new clothes in the next month. That’s not the point. The picture is bigger than what you see now. The answers are not what we are looking for, the faith is what we need. to trust that the unknown was never ours to know, but always the heart of the Father. Two days I’ve been searching God’s Word to hear something. You know when life is super stressful and you’re like come on God I need the reassurance to wake up and keep going?! Remind me that this life is the best one!!!? It came in the form of Psalm 92:12. I’ve been reading a book and it was speaking on different trees, old ones of the Bible, normal trees that we see in our backyards and the slight mention of PALM TREES. Everyone loves those kind of trees. You see a palm tree and you automatically think beach, sand, and no worries. Well here’s the coolest thing I learned about these trees; palm trees are meant to bend so so far, but not break. How cool is it that Psalm 92 reminds us…“the good will prosper like palm trees.” Here’s the thing, it’s okay to be in a funk and to feel like direction is lost. You’re loved. Like a palm tree you’re bending and bending, and fearful, and confused, and searching for the next step in your young life…but you are not breaking. Nope. The hand of the Lord is on your life. You were made to prosper and to continue, no matter how many bad grades you get or terrible break ups you go through, God’s hand is on you. Listen to his song in your soul. There’s more to your story. You’re probably like me, still fighting to hear his voice but being confirmed with such peace, that God hasn’t abandoned me and he never will. I am his and he is mine.

This love is one of a kind. Hold on young girl or young guy. This road is going to pay off. Let God be God.


4 thoughts on “Twenty something…

  1. Hey Carson I’m from Florida and struggling a lot with my faith right now. I’m going through. Breakup, moving, and my senior semester of college. Life has been a struggle, but I find such peace in your words. Thank you for having courage and so much wisdom to share.


  2. This is so good! Exactly what the Lord has been speaking to me. I’ve been stressing out and getting anxious and the Lord keeps telling me to be still. Easier said then done but I’m definitely getting better at it as I practice. I’m thankful for our patient and loving God! Thanks for this post as well! Perfect timing to read it!


  3. Hey Carson,
    I really like the palm tree analogy. I remember watching the palm trees this past year during the hurricane and the wind kept whipping them and blowing them in all directions, and though they would bend, they never broke. After the storm had passed, we came home and the palm trees were right there still standing.
    I’m learning that when I’m overwhelmed, or stuck in a storm, I can focus on God. In the midst of the craziness all around me, He has a way of refreshing me with His peace and giving me a new perspective. In the end, like the palm trees in the hurricane, we’ll make it through the storms, find our way home, and be alright.


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