The Pull of Pressure.

As much as I want to teach about what God is teaching me through pressure, I’d rather start this off being authentic about the pressure in my own life. It is almost the month of April. Why is this scary to me? Because I graduate college in May. Part of me feels like I’m going to pee my pants. Am I ready for this? Am I ready for a new season? See, what I’ve discovered is that pressure usually sparks from a fear or doubt that WE create. I believe in different types of “pressure” for sure. But how powerful pressure becomes when we create these  within ourselves…and sooner than later, we feel the weight of the world on our shoulders. This is the current Carson. I feel a lot of pressure. And for you reading this, I’m sure your season and situation contains more pressure than you ever thought imaginable.

Growing up as an athlete, pressure was the norm for my life. By playing and traveling constantly, not to mention one of the most competitive people you’ve probably ever met, I felt constant pressure. Whether it was a last second shot, the pressure of those wanting me to exceed, or as mentioned above…the feelings I had that led to added pressure on myself (I caused it). Now, I say all of this to hit on the fact that pressure becomes so very real when we are talking about US and the way that we trust God. There’s no greater “player” under pressure than God himself. He’s a pro. Pressure is not even in his vocabulary because of His Control, His Strength, and His Faithfulness time and time again. But we are his children, you and I, we are so imperfect (Romans 3:23, I don’t care how much Bible reading you do) and so unfaithful in many moments of our lives. So pressure is real to us. We feel it. It hurts. It causes us to mis-step and cringe for the road ahead. Take a breather….you don’t have to be in control right now…

Here’s where I’m at and I want to speak to your heart, what God is teaching me; Pressure produces exactly what you tell it to. Now you may read that and think, “I’m not the boss, I’m scared and you don’t understand.” Those are valid points. But here’s the deal, your reaction to the pressure you’re feeling in this moment has more power than you could ever imagine. Not because you’re great, but because God in you is great and with that, you have the power to face the ‘GIANT OF PRESSURE’ and react in a way that pushes you in a healthy direction. The way you react to hardship will determine the product you receive from it. So about that control thing I mentioned above, control what you know but ultimately let God direct your steps (Be still / Psalm 46). Give God what is His, and fight to react well in your storm.

Pressure will always come at you like a SNAKE (worst animal on the planet, don’t argue with me). It will strike when it wants and if you fail to react in the best way, it will get you. And once you allow pressure to control your every move, your direction will suffer. Don’t allow the pressure of your moments to detour your next steps with God. For my own life, YES I’m preaching to myself, I cannot allow the pressure of right now to push me into a place that I DON’T want to be next season. I have control of more than I think. You and I, we also have God on our side. So these moments, yes they’ve sparked fear in us, but we cannot allow them to win us over. The pull of pressure only becomes a battle that we lose if we forget the Owner of our heart (1) and we react out of fear (2). Fight the fear with trust. Use the trust to step firmly. I believe our next season can be one of opportunity and joy if we choose it to be. Focus on the now and break through. Like a pineapple causes what we hope to believe a decrease in high blood pressure…pressure will still be pressure. We can fight it, react in wisdom and trust the Father, but know that pressure exists. Fight.


3 thoughts on “The Pull of Pressure.

  1. Yes, yes, yes. I feel ya, C. There’s a lot of pressure in transition. Just remember whose and who you are, and don’t ever look away from Jesus. If you keep locked on His eyes, the pressure still may be there, but it becomes strangely dimmed in a way. We’ll never be care-free (as hard as we try there seems to always be something). But we can be led by peace in our inner being despite our pressures or circumstances in life. Loved this blog, love your personality, this made me feel very lighthearted and I laughed out loud multiple times. 🙂 You’re a joy and peace bringer, know that. Continue to shine, you’re changing lives! So thankful for you.


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