Waking up & facing the snake.

As if we all don’t already have enough trouble waking up. Our days can be hard, problems lie in the hearts of everyone, and the world can be a crazy place. Ever have those days when you just don’t want to get up? I know I do. It’s normal. It’s confusing. It is this thing we call LIFE. Laziness will then follow these moments and before we know it…we’ve wasted time. Facing your problems becomes hard if you never wake up.

I always find joy hearing John 16:33. I call it a “clutch verse” because it comes in so handy when I feel like I cannot get up & do what I’m supposed to do each day. It’s from the Bible, ( a book I love) and Jesus speaks something like this, “In this world you will have problems, but keep going because I have overcome the WORLD.”(my own translation so don’t email me about wording lol) Wow. Did you catch that? This “dude” has overcome the world. This dude is Jesus (Savior of the world) and he has done it already. All the problems you face have been dealt with, been conquered and been stepped on. Clinging to God now is your best bet. By doing that you CAN make a move, you can get out of bed, remove the covers, brush your teeth, put your clothes on and pursue things that MATTER. I hope you know this to be true because it is. But how about this…what really keeps us from waking up every day? Is it our problems and people in our life or is it something deeper? In 21 years if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that there is always a deeper root to a basic problem. Ever hear someone say “yeah I just have this problem I’m dealing with.” Or the,”yeah I’m just fixing this little issue, don’t worry.” The hard truth is that it’s always something or someone deeper. Why can’t you wake up? Why can’t you do the work God is calling you to do? It’s because there’s a GREATER issue you must face…

Nobody wants to face the snake, yet it’s what must be done in order to push forward. Yes, there’s a snake. It is the enemy. Look up the Book of Genesis in the Bible (first book you cannot miss it) and you’ll learn about the snake. It is the enemy of God, the enemy of every believer pursuing great dreams and a life worth living. He wants to suck every ounce of potential from your bones. Yes, you have potential, you are a masterpiece (Ephesians 2:10) and power is inside YOU (2 Tim 1:7). He wants to ruin God’s plan for you. The snake only comes to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10, hey you can’t make this stuff up it is real life). So with all of this said, it’s scary, it’s big time, what can you do? FACE THE SNAKE. And the best news is you don’t have to do it alone. You are not alone against this thing. “Fear not, for I am with you. Fear not. Fear not. Fear not” (Isaiah 41). Remember those words. This is not a one man fight, rather a battle that will continue every day. This is a war raging. A snake longing to keep you from waking up, getting out of bed and doing the impossible/the unimaginable things (Ephesians 3:20). If you’re reading this, I want you to know what you’re dealing with and stop being blind to reality. Your days will not be easy. You may be doing great right now. Perfection may be at your fingertips (yeah right), but there will come a day…where it’s harder than ever to wake up and attack the problems that are weighing on your heart. Prepare yourself. Say no to loneliness. Say no to fear. Say yes to faith. Say yes to waking up. Say yes to supernatural strength that flows in you from a GREATER GOD. The best way to kill a snake isn’t to play with it, you have to cut off the head. You heard me, cut the head off. There is no mercy when it comes to evil looking to destroy a future God has built for you. Stop playing games. Stop pitying yourself. Wake up I’m telling you. Wake up.

I want to finish this off addressing something important: you would never fight a snake with your hands, so why not arm yourself now? Levi Lusko once said, “It’s smart to train for trials that aren’t there yet.” This is so true. You may not feel the pull yet. You may not feel the laziness or the fear of being attacked, but why not prepare? Why not open your Bible for possibly the first time ever (it’s worth a shot folks) or maybe it’s time to dust the old book off? Probably a great idea. I guarantee you this: If you sit around and expect God to do something without movement from yourself, you’ll end up getting hurt. Your potential will seep from your soul faster than you can say “I wish I would’ve done something.” Train. Believe. Wake up. Face the snake today and you’ll see miracles happen through your problems that you never thought possible.That’s what God does. He sees what the enemy means for bad, he takes it, and turns it to good for the ones he loves (Romans 8…me and you).

You fight snakes with weapons.

You fight fear with faith.

And you win the battle not alone, but with God and God always…


One thought on “Waking up & facing the snake.

  1. Woah this is awesome! Thank you so much for writing this. I needed that fr! It’s so easy to sit around & get caught up in “life” and the silly ways we make it complicated. I’m going to college in the fall and for the past week I have been sitting around like these are the “last few days” instead of getting up and preparing myself for what’s ahead. I needs this time for God to prepare me, not for me to be well rested for college. The real Q I need to ask myself is, am I spiritually prepared? Because that’s what is most important. I’ll definitely be praying for your ministry! 🙂 my blog is called stayunashamed.wordpress.com if you wanna check it out! Thank you so much!!


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