These are just my thoughts.

The need for God in this place is more urgent now than ever. After the recent deaths in the Orlando shootings, my heart is broken. Evil is moving through our world more boldly than ever. People are dying. People aren’t loving people. And a relationship with Jesus is out of the question for most. The cliche phrase, “where is the love” is ringing true in my ears like no other. Yet, through these tragic times, I cant seem to stop thinking that, Hope is still out there. And it’s in the form of one, Jesus. Jesus loved people as he walked this Earth and still loves us today. Actually he loves better than anyone I’ve ever met. His love has no bounds. His love is greater than sexuality. It’s greater than skin color. It’s greater than where you’re from or where you’d like to be…

A few nights ago, innocent lives were taken in Orlando, Florida. The night before that a young girl’s life was taken by mere hatred and evil. Although hope still lives in these times, darkness also is lurking. But I have to believe that Jesus has been and will continue to shine because his perfect love casts out all fear like a beaming light (1 John 4:19). Something really struck me about Orlando though. It was a gay club. I hear that and I cringe… Why? Because so much revolves around that word and the issues of sexuality in our country. As a believer, lover, and young man of God I want to address it. I love people. And when I say that I mean it in the way my Savior does, beyond boundaries. If you’re reading this and are gay, know that you’re loved. By both myself and by our loving Heavenly Father. I may not agree with another person’s way of life but does that mean I can’t love them? Heck no. And that’s the issue of today. We live in a world where certain groups of people feel the tremendous weight of hatred by the masses who seems to simply not understand their way of life. So many seems to not be able to comprehend the fact that you can still love what you don’t understand. And to be blunt,  I’m not about it. And more importantly Jesus isn’t about it. We need more people to understand that love is what we NEED. And the lack of love is what tears our world apart. We are very good at pointing out the flaws of others, but not the shortcomings of our own. Jesus calls us by our names not by our sins… In other words, God is more concerned with your heart than your image. So Christians and anyone else for that matter, look deep into your soul. Is there love there or only harsh judgements? Are we so focused on ourselves that we miss serving and loving people around us? Because some days, I think that’s the truth.

Jesus was a warrior. He went after people like a mad man because he wanted them to feel loved and to know truth. He fought against hate. We are nothing without love. Without it, just a clanging symbol making useless noises with our empty words.

We must kill our attitudes that focus on ME. This world is not about you or I individually. You cannot love people if you’re so focused on only yourself. True love is not selfish (1 Corinthians 13), true love focuses on the bigger picture. And this picture is bigger than what we may be able to see now (Colossians 3:2).

I pray for all of you reading this, whoever you are, that you’re more than eager to make Jesus known wherever you may be. The need for His love, His power and our relationship with Him is greater now than ever. There are shootings, hate crimes, terrorism, racism, yes all of these things still exist and some becoming worse than the others. You are not too small or young to tell someone about the hope that is Jesus. This life is too short and our God is too big to go around hiding our faith. Every day counts and every word can be valuable to someone.

Be eager, meaning, make moves right now. If you believe in God and who He is, you have to start living this thing out. Our world is hungry for hope. Your relationship with God is the work YOU put into it. The president can’t save you, no election can make things right. We need MORE. It’s so much bigger than that. Kill the hate and the negativity. It’s a God, who is love that will bring it to our hearts. I believe in an enemy. That enemy is the devil and if you’re a Christian looking around at our world and can’t believe that someone is against us, you are blind. Evil is very real, so are we doing something about it? Are our actions moving towards hope and peace? Are we eager to tell our friends about a greater God? We have to be right now. This is not an argument about whether guns should be banned, that’s not the issue. This is a HEART ISSUE. Please let that sink in. It’s broken hearts that we are dealing with. Rules cannot save us. Only Jesus, only hearts believing in His name and His power. My heart is currently on fire to make this known.

For those hurt by these recent events and those of you who are mourning your loved ones, I’m praying for you. I’m praying that God would make His power known. I’m praying that restoration would happen, that peace would spread to all people and places, and most of all, that Jesus would invade all closed hearts. We have to realize that Jesus has and always will be for everyone. He is the hope of the world. He can turn your life around, he loves you in these moments, your problems, no matter how big they may seems, does not intimidate him, the world may be dark but he is brighter, so I’m believing in all of us together. This is not a time for us as a country to crumble in division or judgement, but it is a time for all to stand in love, in faith, in prayer and trust in a God bigger than all of us combined. Don’t just tweet about the things. Don’t just Instagram what people want to see. Be the change… Get on your knees and pray. Hangout with people who may be different than you and love them anyways. A good friend once told me, “We don’t need anymore people waiting on a revival. We need those who are going to be the revival.”

These are just my thoughts…


3 thoughts on “These are just my thoughts.

  1. Great post! So much truth.

    Something I’ve learned is that I add “I think…” or “That’s just my thoughts” when I’m uncertain about what I’m saying when speaking truth to others.

    These are not just YOUR thoughts. This is how God thinks & so much of it is supported with scripture. This is TRUTH & everyone needs to know that. Be confident in what you speak!



  2. Good post! So much truth!

    What you said is supported with scripture & it truly how God sees things. Don’t be uncertain in what you speak. I’ve found that a lot of times I use “I think…” and “But that’s just my thoughts” when I’m trying not to hurt anyone’s feelings by speaking truth. The good news is, we don’t have to try not to be offensive. God offended others.. Not on purpose, just like we would never do it on purpose, but because it’s a tough word.

    Proud of you. Keep going!


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