Steps to living fit & loving God this Summer

I have always believed, ever since my injury, that fitness goes hand in hand with living for God. Four years ago I went through a devastating injury as a major athlete, I had back surgery that led to me seeking God now years later. Since then, I have spent countless hours in the gym weekly to sharpen my mind and push my body to its limits. I’ve learned that it’s not about me or what God can do for me, but what God wants to do IN ME. You’ve got potential in both your body and your time. This is your summer.

I believe that this summer could be your best summer yet if you began to seek God more than ever, along with training your body and taking care of it as his Word says (1 Corinthians 6). After all, your body is a temple and it’s made to bring God glory through whatever you do (1 Corinthians 10:31). You do not have to be an athlete. You do not have to join the olympics. Take baby steps. But before the fitness, I encourage you to root yourself in God’s Word each morning. Why the morning, you ask? See I often find people seeking God before they fall asleep (or not at all) and let me speak on that. Months ago, I set aside time with God late at night as a night owl, it was comfortable for me (listen here). As God worked in me more, spoke to me deeper, and opened my heart a bit, I realized that my comfort wasn’t number one on God’s agenda. Is there anything wrong with seeking God late at night? Heck no, if I told you that I’d be the bad guy here. Dive in that thing lol. But listen up. It’s summer. There’s lots going on and we all get distracted. Yet, don’t let a summer full of fun keep you from a morning with your Creator. That’s a serious privilege we have. Did you catch that? Waking up every day and seeking God with all your mind has to be a priority. It’s because it anchors your heart for the day. As you move into the fitness part, it’s an anchor in God before the physical that will carry you to new heights. Don’t get it twisted, God then your temple (body). Taking care of yourself takes discipline, too. It’s easy to pay zero attention to your food. It’s easy to skip workouts that will seriously benefit you. And it’s easy to neglect God when a lot of the world already is. The secret? Your life, your potential, your calling, your everything is found in living with God and taking care of what HE HAS GIVEN YOU in the meantime. So, stay disciplined, anchor in the Word, push yourself, and take it day by day. You don’t become great overnight nor will your body change. It’s baby steps though (Paul says spiritual milk before whole foods and it’s the same with working out). Below, I’ve given you guys some steps and advice for your Summer!

There’s no magic formula and nobody can make decisions for you, but these will help.

  1. Seek God to start your day (find a reading plan, ask friends for help)
  2. Before bed, plan simple steps in your day in regards to health and faith. Preparation.
  3. Think smart. Make decisions based on what will really help you, not your “moment feelings.”
  4. Get help with a workout plan, whether it be found online, or through someone you know.
  5. Remain consistent and find a summer accountability partner. People need people.
  6. Don’t make excuses for yourself. It’s You versus You.
  7. Meal prep if you can, this will keep you away from snacking throughout your day.
  8. Enjoy the ride. As serious as it can be, relax and have fun. Life is FUN with God, I promise.
  9. Take notes. Write things down as you read what God is speaking to you and also keep track of your body stats (food and strength). This will help you celebrate later on.
  10. Be active and think active. What I mean by this is, make serious moves. Don’t wait around and don’t let your praying become passive. You have to get out of bed and GO.

Hope some of these help. Ease into it, yet push yourself as the days go by.

Fitness plans:


2 thoughts on “Steps to living fit & loving God this Summer

  1. I really liked the idea that our comfort isn’t God’s first priority. I think that applies well to our fitness. I agree that our bodies are out temples and we need to be caring me for it, and sometimes that means doing workouts that aren’t the most comfortable (meaning they push us beyond what we thought we could do). This idea helped me realized that whether staying dedicated in the word or at the gym, it’s going to get uncomfortable but that’s how we grow. We grow when our muscles are broken down. Same thing in our faith, when we are broken down and we push past the limits that we set for ourselves (because the only limit is the one that your mind decides) our faith will be made stronger. Thank you for your words Carson, love your passion for God!


  2. Carson,

    I am a 20 year old guy from Appleton, Wisconsin. I am not where I want to be with my faith and understand I need to seek Jesus more often. Just wanted to give you a shout out and let you know it takes some balls to do what you do… Even though I don’t know you, I watch your snaps and view your IG posts quite a bit for spiritual/workout motivation haha.

    Ps: I am a huge fitness Junkie and love to kill it in the weight room/field/court. Let me know if you’re ever in WI and maybe we could get a lift in together and talk some Jesus.

    Take care brother,



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