Why your weakness matters.

Nobody likes to talk about their weak points, their flaws, and what they aren’t good at. This is just reality. It’s why every Instagram picture is made to perfection and everyone always puts their best stuff out there. It’s okay though, it’s normal. Yet, something I discovered recently really got me going…

It’s the fact that our “thorn” as 2 Corinthians puts it, is our weakness sometimes allowed by God in order to cause us to look to Him. See, your weakness can be your catalyst. And sometimes that can be a catalyst for greater growth and greater things God wants to do in you. It’s weird that God allows certain things that really don’t seem that great. I mean wouldn’t you think God would just make everything alright so that you can walk through it easier? Easy for us to say but thank goodness God sees the whole picture when we don’t. When I am weak, I am strong (2 Corin 12:10). This is so key because it calls us to embrace our weakness, our flaws so we say, and look deeper and deeper into God’s goodness. His grace is there. It’s strong grace, arms open wide to lead us on our weakest days. So why don’t we tap into that? It’s clear perspective that we lack. Your perspective of your “thorn” is the game changer in making it a win or a loss. If you walk in your weakness without God, you will fail. But if you find contentment in your weakness and open it to God’s greatness, you’re a winner winner, chicken dinner. God won’t let you down & he will grant you greater VISION once you depend on Him.

SEE your thorn as your purpose for growth. Change the lens you’re viewing it through. Say, “God has allowed this for my benefit, I’m going to embrace it with eyes on Him so I can GROW.” That’ll change the game, folks. Clear, clear perspective. Once we see our weakness how God wants us to see it, amazing strength is going to barrel through.

Your weakness matters more than you think, you just have to see it the right way. Don’t expect it to be easy. Pride is hard and the enemy will use it to take you down and make you think to yourself, “I got this, I don’t need God.” Kill that thought. Open up to your Creator. As His glory shines in, your strength will ABOUND.

Grace. Strength. And more Grace (2 Corin 12:9).


2 thoughts on “Why your weakness matters.

  1. This is something I’ve been trying to come to terms with lately. The way you explained this topic is incredible. I love your writing style and approach. I already love you Instagram devo’s so much but I’m excited for more blog posts! Thank you for sharing what God has laid on your heart, you have a true gift of spreading the truth.


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