Why active faith makes you dangerous

Sometimes we make ourselves believe that safe faith will carry us to far places, but that’s far from the truth. Time and time again we see great people, faithful people, push boundaries and make moves that seem crazy. I believe it to be a dangerous confidence in what God has called them to do. You see the time is now to answer the call God has placed in your heart. Waiting will only push it further away, it’s activity that seizes opportunity. Open your Bible, your history book, search your memory, and you will see why great people become great. They take action on what God has given them. It’s faith. If you have time (which you should), check Hebrews 11:1 and you’ll see that faith is believing in what’s ahead without seeing what’s actually there. Then, you can turn back to 2 Corinthians 5:7 where Paul speaks that, “we walk by faith not by sight.” What do both of these things infer? It’s that faith isn’t about the eyes. It’s about dangerous belief. This is an internal thing that surpasses any circumstance you could ever experience. It can be scary, but seeing story after story, I’m fully convinced that we weren’t put on this earth to act timid in our faith (2 Timothy 1:7). I’m calling you to MOVE and so is God. 

For the guy that feels God tugging on his heart to start a gathering of people for the Lord: move and do it. For the girl feeling God speak to her about leading girls around her to a greater life and bigger dreams: speak up. These are just minor examples, but I think you catch my drift. It’s on you. See, delay also diverts opportunity. God may be asking for your faith and movement, but as you wait around allowing the enemy/haters to swallow you up in fear, opportunities may pass you by. For me personally, God has taught me lately that comfort will not help me grow. Nothing grows in a comfort zone, so I’ve heard. The more dangerous I become, the more effective I become for something that is bigger than me (God dream). I also believe that failure to act can be selfishly rooted. You know why? Because YOU/ME don’t want to get hurt. YOU/ME don’t want to fail. It all leads back to us, the effect on us, and what we want. Can’t we agree that sounds a little selfish? Break out of that shell. Seek a Great God. Pray bigger. Believe bigger. It’s time to worry less about the what if’s and instead just say yes to God. He is looking for your availability not your comments. 

Now that you’re done reading, speak this to yourself: I want my faith to be more dangerous. I want to be a threat to the evil lurking around me. I want to act on what God has given me. I want to make eternal waves and never stop.


-Keep the Hustle


2 thoughts on “Why active faith makes you dangerous

  1. I loved this! It was so eye opening and makes you think about your heart and actions in today’s world. You did a great job with it!


  2. Safe faith ain’t no faith! 🙂 Thanks for speaking out in truth. Reading all your blogs was much needed for me tonight. Thanks a ton, C!


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